BIPL family genially welcomes you. Bala Bharti Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is the Infrastructure Development, Construction and Project Management service providing Company with a complete offering that includes Precast /Segmental, Special Designed concrete blocks related to Bridges, Power Plants Reservoirs, Canals, Water, Sewer Pipelines and Road & land developments & consulting. We have set milestone for the infrastructure industry. BIPL is constantly working hard to transform challenges into opportunities and it is now one of the paramount names in infrastructure industry. Our pool of service has extensive portfolio, experience and know-how in bridge, irrigation work, civil work, dam work, roads, highways and what not!

Quality is enormous priority to make our client happy. Our ability is noteworthy to transform dreams into reality. Company ties-up with related companies to grow and develop India with aid of newfangled technologies and real time construction plans. We have beautiful dream of building plausible nation. Our service providers are eminent in rendering services in Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, Madhya-Pradesh and Andhra-Pradesh.

Kishangrah Road project, construction of Water Storms line, Planters, Re-wall project are few examples that have made BIPL- a renowned brand. “Safety” is the key before constructing model. Almost all the gamut of construction line have roofed under Balabharti Infrastructure (p) Ltd.


Road and Highways Construction

Building highways involves gigantic investments. We work for better, faster and safer highways. We train our engineers for drafting innovation and cost effective strategy. From feasibility stage to construction stage we eyed in every minute details.

Bridge and Reinforcement Earth wall construction

Bridge and Reinforcement Earth wall construction is used for mining structure and industrial structures. Simplicity and speed is the key to deal with such projects.

Township development

Townships are becoming necessity in developing countries like India. We help our clients to develop townships projects in sustainable and superior way and also work in drainage and sewage line.

Railways projects

We participate in railway projects in building railway routes and tracks. It is necessary to have timely project completion skills, prudent equipment utilization, quality, speedy project execution.

Pre-cast cement industry

It is quick started business line by BIPS. Pre-cast is a process which results into lower cost in construction. This technology provides uniform quality. According to this process concrete is cast into mould, cured and then transported to construction site.


Safety Consciousness

Health and safety is a corporate driver at Bala Bharti Infrastructures, always appearing at the top of our agenda. We believe our people deserve that every effort be made to ensure their working environment is as safe as it can be, and innovative approaches have been taken to promote safety.


As would be expected of a company that works in the water industry, for giant companies and for local authorities, Bala Bharti Infrastructures is committed to sustainable construction and to protecting the environment through our Environmental Management.


Bala Bharti Infrastructures ethos is a proactive one of continuous improvement and total customer focus in cooperative working environments. We deliver projects in a cost effective, value for money, risk managed process, while constantly challenging the status quo and ourselves as we strive to find better ways of working.

Client-Focused Approach

Our flexible approach to satisfying client requirements means we can successfully deliver projects under any procurement route. Bala Bharti Infrastructures has been at the forefront of working in partnerships with clients.


Bala Bharti Infrastructures is committed to working collaboratively with other companies to ensure the successful delivery of our client’s projects.